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About Joanna, The Coffee Break Coach

Joanna Byrne is a Clarity and Confidence Coach, MBA lecturer and inspirational speaker.  She took a leap of faith and left the corporate world in 2012 to pursue her passion as an international coach and lecturer with location independence which allows her the freedom to be in business, sharing her passions and helping others, while experiencing life in other cultures.


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Joanna’s passion for gaining clarity, building confidence and self-belief and taking action in addition to her experience in middle and senior management roles in operations, customer relationship management and business development combine to make her one of the most outstanding coaches in her field.

Her clients learn how to gain clarity of direction, feel confident in their chosen path, take inspired action and maintain focus while following their chosen path.

She facilitates transformations for clients in:

– Valuing their worth,

– Finding and exercising their voice,

– Making better decisions,

– Harnessing the power of their internal monologue,

– Up-leveling their life and career,

– Un-sticking from ‘stuck-ness’ with personal and professional goals,- Devising action plans to support clients in being more effective overall,

– Stopping the busy work and starting to work more strategically,

– And, much more.

Joanna’s coaching programs, The Tailor Made Clarity Plan, Coffee Break Coaching and The Confidence Boost Project are in demand for their transformative and motivational results.

Joanna holds a Business Studies and French degree and Masters in Business Studies. She has worked in small and medium sized organizations in Ireland, the UK, the US and Japan. She is a fully qualified, experienced and passionate coach and a member of the Association for Coaching. She has been practicing since 2009 and has helped many clients identify clear and concrete goals, gently challenge any blocks or limiting beliefs and devise practical action plans to support them in effectively achieving content in their work or private lives.


  • Fully certified, experienced coach and a member of the Association for Coaching
  • Educated to Masters level in Business
  • MBA lecturer with Manchester Business School & Tongji University, Shanghai.
  • Circe 10 years experience in middle and senior management
  • Internationally and multi-culturally experienced
  • Business development expert in online and the traditional bricks and mortar business models
  • Confidence Coaching certified

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