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You’ve opened your own business! Congratulations! You’re own boss! This is it!

If only it were really worth celebrating.

If only it were easier.

The truth is you’re working long hours, struggling to get customers and have more money going out than coming in.


You started your own business so you could be happier, more fulfilled and being your own boss. You want to do more of what you love, and be paid for it. You know you’ve got something great to give to the world and you’re ready to make it happen. So why does that feel like it’s just not happening? Why is it such a struggle? {CLICK for more}

Does any of this sound familiar?

You wake up on Monday morning, the kids are at school and you are fired up about getting back to work after a busy weekend. You decide to take a quick peek at Facebook.

A glance at your feed: Oh wow, she’s really killing it …. She signed ten new clients last week … She’s on her way to Paris for a juicy VIP day with her mentor at the Ritz Carlton … Oh, and she’s just had a $50,000 launch

You feel deflated and depressed and wonder why you have hardly any clients. Or you wonder how you’d ever spare the time to go on a VIP retreat since you’re always so busy working.

You sigh and turn to Google. There must be a way to stop these vicious green-eyed monster thoughts. There must be a secret.

Why do you feel like you are always against the current? Gasping for air, furiously swimming and never really feeling like you are getting anywhere? And the demons set it. You can hear the self-doubt whisper in your mind. And it grows… and builds… and you feel overwhelmed, smashed and miserable.


Want to know what the secret is? What separates you from the rest, and sets you on course for success?

Join us and let us show you.


The Build and Thrive Academy is open for the next round: 

Here’s what is covered in the course:

We build  –

Tackling the big topics: getting new clients, managing your time and promoting your work without being on social media 24/7, how to decide which products are most profitable for you.

We hate to say marketing … but if you’re in business you need to do it. We’ll make it painless. But before we get into marketing we go over the essential components of any good business. Starting with a business model so you know how you’re going to make money.

No-one is left behind. Even if you only have an idea for a business we want to hear about it. We will help you get it up and running before the month is out. There’s no better way to test a business idea than to get out and show it to potential customers.

We thrive –

Do you believe in yourself? If you don’t then nobody else will. Help is at hand. Are you confused or feeling overwhelmed? We’ve been there.

Priority number one is that you work towards a harmonious balance between your family, your work and your personal self-care.

We’ll help you get the basics of a success mindset right and show you how to make it work for you. You’re great at what you do. A success mindset will set you apart and make sure you succeed.

Build AND Thrive – In short, our course represents the best combination of emotional resilience preparation and coaching and pedal to the metal let’s make some real money!

From Headache to Harmony: 28 days to business bliss. 

Imagine being able to enjoy every aspect of your business

  • Whether you’re a busy mum with preschool children
  • or a woman supporting aging parents
  • or juggling outside work and trying to build a business on the side
  • Women are no strangers to multi-tasking but also easily fall victim to burnout
  • Working within the guiding principles of balance and harmony we help you master the business side of your business
  • We’ll help you cultivate a community of loving clients who feel supported by you and in turn offer support and encouragement to you
  • You’ll do the good work you were born to do, you’ll feel valued as you provide value to your clients
  • You’ll feel great earning the money you deserve
  • Your family will love the calm and confidence that radiates from you – in control of your business

Business doesn’t have to be soul-sapping

You can tame the chaos of your business systems

Be fulfilled by doing meaningful work that feels good


We are Joanna and Jacqui, founders of The Build and Thrive Academy.

We’ve created a training program for women in solo-operated business.

We’ll help you master the essentials of marketing and mindset so that you can get back on course for success in your business.

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