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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Clarity & Confidence coaching anyway?

Coaching is a professional partnership between a coach and a client to bring about desired change, enhancement or results. It focuses on developing potential in individuals and helping them to bring about enhanced performance, life experience or personal growth.

Q: What happens during a coaching session with you?

Firstly, we will establish the agenda for our time together. We will look at what is the burning issue(s) for you, where you are right now and where you would like to be. Then we will look at exploring and implementing a plan of action for us to work on together to get you there during our time together and beyond.

Q: How is coaching different to counselling?

Coaching is very much a forward-looking process. Its about designing and implementing goals, devising strategies to take you where you want to go and looking at overall quality of life. The focus is on identifying a goal or a vision for the future and a strong desire in the individual to make a change. It is very much pro-active and action-oriented.

Counselling, on the other hand, is more about emotional healing. It looks back on phases in our lives and how they have shaped and affected us. It is helpful in situations of anxiety, depression, trauma and difficult memories and experiences. It is very much focused on healing and recovery when something is wrong.

Q: What kind of results can I expect?

Working with me, you can expect to set bigger, better, achievable goals for yourself. With my coaching support, goals are accomplished quicker. Plus the added accountability factor adds massive motivation for you to stay on target. Your motivation to succeed is increased because you have a safe, supported space where you place focused attention on your goals, where you can expand your potential and creativity more than you would in your everyday world. Working with me brings an increased awareness of where you are now, what thought patterns or limiting views of the world are in your way and how to move beyond them. You confidence increases as you see yourself start to realize some of your goals and your focus on your self-awareness and mindset leads to new thought patterns being created which in turn build confidence. You will get yourself truly ‘unstuck’ from whatever it is that is blocking you and through the coaching space dissolve any roadblocks so you can move forward.

Q: How are you different from other coaches?

I know what it’s like. I’ve been there. Big goals, big dreams, trying to make them happen. Wrestling with focus, interruptions, lack of clarity and the biggie – potential burn out. I know what it’s like to have a career you love, and want to take it further. I know how it is when you have a day job and a sideline business that you are growing. I understand the life of a full time entrepreneur. I know what it’s like to feel like one area of your life is successful and the rest is a big fat mess. I have battled with career, business, and lifestyle challenges and I know that coaching works. I walk my talk. I’ve researched, trained and applied many coaching principles and I am passionate about what works. Working on mindset, confidence, clarity and basically ‘unsticking’ yourself are what I am all about. Clarity, Confidence… Action!

Q: What makes you qualified to coach me?

As a Master of Business Studies, circe 10 years experience in middle and senior management, fully trained and accredited coach, a Diploma in Digital Marketing, and Confidence Coaching certified (to highlight just a few) I have all the right qualifications to work with you. More than that, I bring my personal experience of how coaching has worked on numerous occasions for numerous goals for both me personally, and for my clients.

Q: What type of people do you work best with?

I work with ambitious, open minded people who want to gain clarity of direction, feel confident in their chosen path, take inspired action and maintain focus along the way. Some examples are:

– Valuing your worth,

– Finding and exercising your voice,

– Making better decisions,

– Harnessing the power of your internal monologue,

– Up-leveling your life and career,

– Un-sticking from ‘stuck-ness’ with personal and professional goals,

– Devising action plans to support you in being more effective overall,

– Stopping the busy work and starting to work more strategically

Q: Who is NOT suitable for your coaching programs?

Working with me is not quite right for you at this point in time if:

– You are content to stay in the safe but ‘stuck’ zone

– You are not willing to start taking action

– You think coaching is too ‘woo-woo’ for you (I’m not that kind of coach!)

– You are not keen on reflection

– You are happy to address the surface issues but not really dive in

Q: How do I get started?

To get started contact me via the website or email me to book your complimentary Discovery Session. This is a 15-20 minute session designed to give you a taste of how it would be to work with me. You will get to experience my style and find out about the coaching packages on offer and which one is best for you.