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Coffee Break Coaching (5 week program): 

30 minute coaching bursts to kick start your goals AND keep you on track. These sessions employ laser coaching techniques to inspire action and are perfect for keeping you accountable. Each Coffee Break Coaching package will have one primary focus for the duration.

What’s included:

  • 60 minute clarity session to get to the heart of the matter, set yourself on course and provide a framework for our work together
  • Your personalized Make it Happen Action Plan
  • 4 weekly coffee break coaching sessions lasting 30 minutes
  • weekly online check-in between sessions
  • complimentary access to The Confidence Boost Project program

This is for you if:

  • You have an idea or an issue you want to take fast action on
  • You feel on the precipice of something, and you want to take charge, step off and make it happen
  • You want to feel clear and confident about what really is the heart of the matter, and start taking action
  • You know you and and your business are ready to up-level things and are ready to step up

Your Take-aways:

  • You’ll come away crystal clear on that one burning issue that’s been bugging you for so long
  • You’ll be equipped with your personalized Make it Happen Action Plan for that current goal to keep you on track even after our work together is done
  • You’ll feel comfortable and confident that the decisions you made on this issue are right for you right now
  • You’ll have an awesome accountability partner to get you cracking on (and even reaching) making that one big change a reality for you and your business
  • You’ll feel a renewed sense of clarity and enthusiasm for making ‘IT’ happen



296828_10151237164095832_1777439527_n“I love how you were able to bring me to my own conclusions. You’ve got a real talent. You were able to allow me to see that my fears were nothing to fear about. How you drew me to my own conclusions just by asking me the right questions. I feel strong in my power that I can offer help to people.”

Jewels Bertrand, California


IMG_3324-1“I really liked Joanna’s patience and precise Q’s. It was exactly what I needed to hear and think about. There are some things about my business I should have good answers to and she made that clear for me. I got ton of motivation to go forward and make my project happen! I think that in a short session you too can accomplish a lot more than you think with Joanna . Especially if you have a subject in mind.
It can be laser focused session that solves a lot of dilemmas and get you going without feeling stuck anymore. I know how much it helped me. ”

Adi Maor Siso, Israel

How does it work?

Book your complimentary discovery session with me first. I will send you my Skype/Telephone contact details, once you have chosen an available slot. We will meet on Skype or by telephone to chat about what your needs are and discuss your options. Once we decide what is right for you, we will schedule our meetings. I will bill you in advance via PayPal, and we are ready to go!


Working with me is not the right time for you right now if:

  • You’re content to stay in the safe but ‘stuck’ zone
  • You’re not willing to start taking action
  • You think coaching is too ‘woo-woo’ for you (I’m not that kind of coach!)
  • You’re not keen on personal reflection
  • You’re happy to address the surface issues but not really dive in