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Posts tagged 'Joy'

Basically, FUN makes you feel good

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

It’s like this.  FUN is essential.   Because:   Scientific studies have shown that it raises our anti-body levels thus boosting the immune system, lowers sugar levels after a meal, reduces the risk of stroke, lessens pain among many, many other things. But basically, it just makes you feel good. Laughter releases your feel-good hormones […]

Exercising the joy muscle

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Today Terri Ingraham shares her personal story of finding and exercising her ‘joy muscle’. I hope this piece inspires you to exercise your ‘joy muscle’ too When you’re suffering from a disease like fibromyalgia or even chronic fatigue, it can often be difficult to look on the sunny side of life. I am reminded of […]