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Posts tagged 'Stress'

Healthy Ever After

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Guest post by Sue Ann Gleason For the most part, I support women who are struggling with health issues. They are VERY motivated to change their lifestyle and dietary habits because they are facing pretty scary consequences if they don’t make those changes. Quickly. And then there are the rest of us. We feel pretty […]

3 essential self-care strategies for times of change

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Special guest post by Tabitha Jayne of on the importance of self-care during times of change. There’s no doubt about it.  Change causes stress.  It takes us out of our comfort zone and as a result we feel threatened. And when we feel threatened the stress chemicals ephinephrine, norepinephrine and corisol are released. These chemicals cause […]

Three EASY steps to the funnest day of your life – everyday

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Today’s post is a guest post from the lovely Joy Brown, all about how we can incorporate more fun in our lives. At the end of every day can you honestly say you had fun?  Do you drop into bed sighing and say, “wow, I’d like to do that day over again – it was […]

Do you feel stressed?

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

I’m going to get straight to the point here: Take a break. Schedule regular breaks every day Schedule regular vacations (you decide how long) throughout the year. Make them habits Here’s why: Taking a vacation increases productivity by 82% (Lovell, 2004) In 2007, workplace stress was estimated to cost US companies more than $300 billion […]