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Jewels Bertrand, California

“You were really calming to me. I love how you were able to bring me to my own conclusions. You’ve got a real talent. You were able to allow me to see that my fears were nothing to fear about. How you drew me to my own conclusions just by asking me the right questions. I feel strong in my power that I can offer help to people. You help people come to realize that the worst isn’t all that bad and that we do have our own power. We just need to flex those muscles. Thank you Joanna, really.”

I already knew and trusted Joanna as a coach and I had heard about EFT and even Megan Flatt Headshot- Squarewatched some YouTube videos, so I wasnt sure if I needed more help. However, Joanna uses a seamless blend of coaching and EFT. Joanna’s real gem is her ability to translate what I was saying back into usable information and help me process it. Then the EFT became an awesome way to solidify what we talked about. I have felt so much less anxiety since our session together and when I do feel anxious I have a solid tool to use to help get me out of that state. As business owners, I think we all struggle with fear and anxiety over if we are making the right decisions, Joanna is such an asset to any business owner, especially moms who also deal with anxiety and guilt on the home front.

Megan Flatt

“It was a pleasure being part of your coaching group. I found each module very informative and well presented. I have found, since starting the course, that my business has increased which was the whole aim. Thank you so much for your help and support throughout.”

Shelagh Cummin,

small profile imageJoanna has a straight forward, gentle approach and gave me gave me a simple strategy for implementing tapping. Also, she really GETS the pressures of motherhood and business. If you’re curious about trying tapping Joanna makes it easy. She’s really approachable and easy to work with.

Christine Sheehy


Eoin Stephens

Eoin Stephens, President PCI College

“Availing of some high-quality coaching can be a really useful way of getting back on track, especially when you want to find your confidence and clarity again. That’s certainly been my experience of Joanna’s clear, direct and helpful approach – she has an infectious confidence in the power of confidence!”

“Joanna was personal and to the point. I managed to get some real clarity and an understanding that I just need to do it. For those who know what they want but can’t quite pull it together in marketing focus, I would recommend connecting with Joanna. Plus, she understands the practitioner market, which was a big help. A big thank you from me for helping me find the focus I needed.  I now know what I need to do and am excited about putting it all in motion.”

Samantha Sutherland, Energy Freedom

“I’m stoked on fresh ideas to implement with my clients; using MC even more in my biz; and remembering to OFFER how I can help! You are clear, focused, and have the personal experience to help other entrepreneurs do it better the first time!”

Denise Dare

unnamed“Joanna’s calm and gentle style set the scene for a great mini-session, today. She helped me explore the issues I was experiencing with kind questions and compassion, and then came up with an EFT tapping script that was really on point, and even in the first round helped me feel much more free. I left the call with great ideas and also a much clearer sense of ways to continue to help myself feel better and more clear, with with Joanna’s simple and affirming tapping suggestions. Thank you so much, Joanna, for offering such great value in such a short timeframe.”

Nikki Fryn

Working with Joanna was amazing. She was very easy to open up to. I help women manifest a life they fully love through mindset & strategy. Although I am strong in my skills, marketing myself was a challenge. Within 30 minutes Joanna took me from a nervous, anxious state to a relaxed & confidence mindset. She was amazing to work with and I highly recommend her!

Indrani Phillips, The Effortless Life
 Joanna can put even the most practical (skeptical) mind at ease, and her EFT session helped me to ground myself back to what I’m doing in the present rather than imagining doomsday scenarios every time I tried something new.  I would highly recommend a session with Joanna if you struggle to start new things, or suffer from imposter syndrome.
Hannelene Beillard

“I worked with Joanna Byrne on several occasions in 2009 in her role as a life coach. Joanna has a powerful way of listening empathically and will gently challenge you on your assumptions and beliefs when appropriate.  Joanna will help you to devise a practical set of actions that will support you in being more effective and content in your work and private life. I would definitely recommend meeting with Joanna if you are ready to get more out of how you live your life”

Robert Kelly, Lecturer IT Tallaght & Management Consultant


Adi Maor Siso, Israel

“I really liked Joanna’s patience and precise Q’s. It was exactly what I needed to hear and think about. There are some things about my business I should have good answers to and she made that clear for me. I got ton of motivation to go forward and make my project happen! 
I think that in a short session you too can accomplish a lot more than you think with Joanna . Especially if you have a subject in mind.
It can be laser focused session that solves a lot of dilemmas and get you going without feeling stuck anymore. I know how much it helped me. “


“You were patient and understanding. You asked great questions that really made me think. I gained clarity on my plan and also on my situation as a whole”

Meagan Fitzgerald


“In general, to think I’m going to talk to someone about my business or myself makes me feel a bit awkward I almost feel selfish. You seem very easy-going, easy to talk with:) It was really great to hear your perspective and reinforcement. I would definitely recommend you to friends or acquaintances that need an objective or second opinion, or a fresh look or perspective on something — it could be business or perhaps personal. I really loved how friendly and approachable you are.”

Gina Gonzalez Schanel


“Thank you for giving so freely with your time and making my journey with you such a positive one. I’ve had some very happy realisations as a result.”

Dearbhla Hayes, AIB

“It really is true, confidence can be coached. For a long time I had struggled with the negative thoughts around creating a business. Questions like ” will anyone come to my wellness center’s launch party?”, ” Am I really ready to start taking on clients”?, ” will I be rejected?” kept lurking in my mind. While they didn’t stop me from moving towards my goals, they often delayed them and made me feel stuck. After working with Joanna, it become easier to identify whether my subconscious was just playing tricks on me, or if my fears carried weight. Prior to working with Joanna I didn’t have the tools to move through the stuck-ness and it often left me uncomfortable, however, even after our work together ended, it became easier to catch negative thinking patterns and stop them. I also appreciated Joanna’s coaching style –  she can be soft and gentle but what I most appreciated was her directness. When dealing with confidence issues,it is important to not beat around the bush. Thank you Joanna, I really enjoyed our work together.”

Marina Solovyov, Tokyo Health Coach & Marina’s Kokoro