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The Confidence Boost Project

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The Confidence Boost Project: 21 days to build confidence from the inside out

How would you rate your confidence? Is it high… or maybe not as high as you would like?

Do you find yourself sometimes not doing what YOU want for fear of how others might perceive YOU?

Do you sometimes come across as ‘cold’ or ‘distant’, simply because you are uncomfortable in a situation?


Do you doubt yourself and the actions you take?

Do you crave external validation from others?

Do you find yourself second guessing yourself frequently?

Are you afraid to stand out, or be remembered?

Do you hold back on expressing your opinion around others, especially more assertive people?

Do your confidence levels hold you back from achieving your dreams and goals?

Do you shy away from opportunities to develop your career because of your confidence?

Do you feel a lack of confidence in your skills and value?

Are you afraid of being shot down in meetings?

Do you let opportunities for advancements pass you by because of your confidence levels?

Do you think your lack of confidence is affecting your child’s confidence?

Do you hold back in group situations because of fear of being judged?

Joanna_send“The Confidence Project delivers as promised: a boost in your confidence. And, that is what I got. It is 21 days of powerful ideas and thought provoking questions that had me shifting my perceptions and my mindset. Joanna has created a course that empowers you to be the creator of your confidence level. My confidence level in some areas is strong and in some areas is weak and spending 21 consecutive days in the topic of confidence is powerful. What I liked about the emails is that they were daily and gave me a lot of food for thought. A very powerful shift for me occurred with awareness in how I received and accepted compliments and the suprise at how many compliments I get and dismissed. This has made all of the difference for me and I go through my day with more thank yous: BIG CONFIDENCE BOOSTER! I enoyed this program a lot!”Katie Adler,

The good news is, you can do something about it!

I have designed The Confidence Boost Project as a self-study program to help you learn

– about your own self-confidence,

– tools to build and develop it, and

– how to make it resilient.

photo-41“Many times since I did Joanna’s course I have slipped into my old habit of speaking to myself in a negative voice. Then out of nowhere, like a little angel on my shoulder, I hear Joanna reminding me not to do it! I am literally able to press stop and hit play on a different track. I’m quite a confident person naturally but the course really highlighted some major weak areas and I have been able to start implementing some healthier thought patterns. Thank you Joanna!”  Jacqui Miyabayashi,

What’s it all about?

I believe that confidence and self-esteem are at the heart of everything we do in our personal and professional lives. It’s a core foundation block on which we build the life we desire. But, it’s constantly under attack, isn’t it… from other people, external circumstances, our environments, our own internal standards and perceptions… and the list goes on. I get it. It happens to me too. ALL the time. That’s life. I have designed this program to teach you how to build confidence and self-esteem by yourself, in your time, and on your terms. I am making the tools and practices to learn about your self-confidence, to build and develop it AND to make it resilient available to you over 21 days. I want you to be able to help yourself build your confidence up to a level that supports you in your life.

469898_10150889343060129_363305671_o“Joanna combines a warm friendliness with a get-it-done kind of attitude, which allows the tone of the program to feel engaging and comforting–never pushy. It only takes a few minutes to do, which is great for me because my schedule’s really jam-packed, and I appreciated having that time set aside to stop and pay full attention by working through the program. The daily emails serve as a great reminder to come back to this work and make time for it, and the content itself is fantastic.” Paige Baldwin-Ando,

How does it work?

It’s easy! The beauty of this program is that you don’t even have to tell anyone you are working on your confidence. It’s a self-study program, so you can do it yourself, in your time, and practice the skills bit by bit.

Once you sign up, you will begin your 21 day journey. Every day for 21 days, you will receive an email from me, containing a short lesson.  Each of the lessons will take you about 10-20 minutes to complete, just about the length of your coffee break!

You’ll start with uncovering your confidence levels, and where it came from. Next, the program will teach you some tools to build and develop your confidence. Finally, we will look at making your confidence resilient, because life throws challenges at us all the time, and you want to be sure your confidence can withstand it.

jo-on-sofa-for-web“I love working with Joanna, she brings a sense of calm and confidence to every meeting. Her advice is always spot on and just the right size to make it achievable and doable so you don’t get overwhelmed.
I could also listen to her talk all day – she is like a female Sean Connery, you know what I mean!” Jo Ebisujima,


Ready to up your confidence to new levels?

The Confidence Boost Project is currently closed